Tilt/Turn Windows

Also called European Windows, our Tilt/Turns are the most appropriate window for Cold-temperature climates. We make ours with fully insulated 4-Sided fiberglass framing, locking points wrapped along all four sides, and Cardinal Triple-Pane glass.

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Crank Windows

Our Crank windows can be made in Casement (hinged on the side) or Awning (hinged on the top) styles. Both are made with fully insulated 3-Sided fiberglass framing, Multi-point locking hardware, and Cardinal Triple-Pane glass.

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Patio Doors

We make our doors with fully insulated 4-Sided fiberglass framing and Cardinal Triple-Pane glass. They seal so tightly because the locking system engages 10-16 locking points wrapped around all four sides. They can be made as 1 Panel opening, 2 Panel half-opening or French Doors.

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Commercial Window Wall

A window wall system that is far superior to aluminum window walls due to its insulated fiberglass frames and lower cost.  The frame can be structurally reinforced with steel or urethane to suit the application. These will accomodate 1 3/8" Cardinal Triple-Pane glass.

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about Great Land Window

Great Land Window manufactures the most appropriate windows and doors for arctic climates. They are used all over Alaska and as far away as Greenland.

Great Land Window has been providing Fiberglass windows and doors since 2000 and manufacturing them in Fairbanks since 2006. We produce several types of fixed and opening windows and doors. All of our products are made with fully insulated fiberglass frames and sashes, stainless steel fasteners, high-end hardware, dual cold-temperature seals, and a wide variety of glass options. We manufacture in Fairbanks and ship worldwide. All components are kept on premise simplifying maintenance and repair. We can fabricate almost any straight-line shape and connect them in almost any grouping or configuration. All windows and doors can accommodate appropriately sized Triple Pane or Double Pane glass utilizing Argon gas fills and a variety of LowE coatings. We use Cardinal insulated glass units for their performance, quality, longevity and their historical failure rate is unmatched at less than 0.2% after 20 years.

We have a multitude of fixed window styles to match the aesthetics and sightlines of our opening windows and doors. All of our products are made to fit, and can be combined in almost any configuration. Please call us for more detailed information.